The do’s and dont’s of dogging

Dogging is for every one and ever since its become popular over the years a few certain rules have come into place, These rules are in place to keep yourselves and your partners safe during all outdoor sex meets, This common information will benefit all new doggers, watchers, exhibitionists etc so please check out the rules below and enjoy yourselves when out and about dogging.

New doggers:

Use your common sense and remember to be safe at all times
Be polite to all men, women down your dogging location, No body likes rudeness
There will be times when dogging locations might not be too busy just be patient and wait for something to happen
Dogging usually happens during the evening so arrange an evening dogging meet
Never leave your valuables on display
You can film your meet just make sure all participants are willing to be filled

Watching etiquette:

Make sure your clean and not dirty or smelly – No one likes smelly guys and you will be asked to leave
Make sure you have condoms on you – You never know you might want to join in at some point
Ask if you can join in, Don’t go steaming in there expecting to get your dick sucked
Clean your mess up i.e. used condoms, tissues no one likes seeing empty condom papers littered all over the place.

Rules for participants:

Make sure yourself and your partner are up for this 100%, Discuss it before taking the plunge
Be clean at all times 🙂
Always come prepared i.e. condoms
Give clear signals to doggers who are interested in joining in

A few dogging signals you should learn and get to know:

Flashing lights – are there any other doggers nearby?
Interior light on – we want to be watched
Window half down – oral sex is on offer
Window fully down – touching is allowed
Door open – full sex is on offer

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